Gracie Zacarias from Cloud Creations, Inc.

“It was a great pleasure working with Mona Caro. I found it very easy to work with her as a Business Analyst on a few of her projects. She was proactive offering solutions to clients whose projects were complex and required proactivity. She was also a great liaison between the client and our developers. She also offered great suggestions and resources to me and our fellow project managers with acquiring our Salesforce certifications. I would work with Mona in a heartbeat if given the chance again.”

Cynthia Heywood-Beldon from Connexity, Inc.

“I had the pleasure and privilege to work with Mona for over 5 years. Mona has always had the business interests at heart and is an incredible leader and trainer. Always happy to help and support her peers.
Mona has shown great capabilities for the global team in implementing sales, marketing and support practices to increase efficiency.
Mona is a team player in and out of the office never hesitating to participate in various charitable fundraising events which include 10K/10M races to ice bucket challenges on behalf of Connexity. I have no hesitation in recommending Mona who will be in no doubt an asset wherever she goes.”

David Bixler from Shopzilla, Inc.

“I recruited Mona to hop across the pond from the LA office to the London office. Mona has an innate enthusiasm that is infectious and leads to people wanting to work for her. She was able to build strong teams through development of new team members and retain them until they were ready for new challenges. Her teams were dedicated to her and viewed her as a real leader in the organization. While in London Mona demonstrated tremendous flexibility as the business changed and always met challenges head on.

Mona was instrumental in building out our global Salesforce implementation and launching Product Reviews (via PowerReviews) as a new business line. It was a real disappointment when she decided to move back to the LA office after four years. Luckily she continued to support the London team from LA.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Mona again if I have the chance.”

Shane Koenig from Connexity Inc.

“It is my pleasure and honor to recommend Ramona Caro for a position at your organization. In my time working at Connexity I worked very closely with Ramona. I enjoyed the opportunity to work hand and hand with her as Salesforce Administrators. During our time together there was not a task or job that she wouldn’t tackle head on. She was a huge asset to our team and helped put a focus on our sales and marketing efforts at Connexity. She consistently presented new and creative ideas and would communicate the benefits that they would bring to the company.

Not only is Ramona a dedicated employee, she is an outstanding person that was an absolute pleasure to work with. She will not only bring hard work and determination to your team but she will bring her ability to connect personally with all members of your company.

Any company should jump at the opportunity to add a person with the experience and personality that Ramona possesses.”

Bob Caputo from Connexity, Inc.

“I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with Mona for over a decade. During this time she demonstrated a unique and valuable skillset with an uncanny ability to make an impact working across different facets of our organization. From sales and account management to marketing and operations, Mona was able to dive in and deliver results. She is adept at understanding and balancing the needs of the business/client relationship in order to find solutions that work. Mona is a driven, resourceful, and results oriented sales and marketing leader. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with and a consummate professional.”

Miri Koslowski from Connexity, Inc.

“I was an Account Executive on an all international Merchant Team in London that Mona oversaw during her time here. I was amazed by her ability to connect with her staff and break through language and cultural barriers like no other Manager I have had the pleasure to work with. Mona is an incredible people‘s person. She always impressed me with the way she developed a strong team dynamic and got impressive results from her team. Her dedication to the entire team makes her the ideal team player. She showed me that strong leadership is an international language in itself and that numbers always tell the story.”